The Scoop on Solar

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For homeowners who have done everything they can do reduce their energy consumption and want to take it a step further, renewable options may be the answer. Solar is fast becoming one of the most popular ways power households, as the technology has become more affordable.

December 13, 2016

Buying a Home in the Fall Season

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Sellers are serious As in, serious about selling their homes this time of year. “Even though there typically is less inventory, the people that put their homes on the market this time of year are more serious about selling — otherwise they would wait until spring,” explains Brockman. “Motivated sellers equals more flexibility during negotiations…. Continued

September 13, 2016

Can Thieves Crack Your Code?

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Smartphones not only help us stay in touch with people from wherever we are, they also allow us to conduct business, bank and pay bills. While we may think our information is safe because we have screen locks on our phones, it would only take a thieve four hours to crack a simple four number… Continued

August 16, 2016

Steps Realtors Take To Market Your Property

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Real Estate Marketing Advantages Working with a Realtor already puts you ahead of the game because you have a knowledgeable, experienced professional doing the hard work for you. But real estate agents also have access to tons of marketing tools that can draw potential buyers to your property, such as familiar websites like Zillow,,… Continued

July 12, 2016