The kitchen pantry tends to be a place we snatch-and-grab in the hectic day-to-day routine of our lives. Items get rearranged, pushed to the side, and eventually forced to the back of the pantry only to become forgotten about until it’s time for spring cleaning. We all know things are easier with a little more organization in our lives, so why not take the time to incorporate items that simplify and maintain that organization for us?

Let’s get organized!


One of the best ways to begin the process is to start from scratch and clean out any unused or expired items. Next, you’ll want to utilize and create as much storage area as possible. You could begin by purchasing some under-shelf baskets which simply attach to the bottom of the pantry shelf to give you extra space to keep items such as bread, pasta, or even rolls of aluminum foil and plastic wrap. (Our tip: using the under-shelf basket for your breads not only frees up more pantry space, but it also keeps your bread safe from being squished under heavier food items.)

A convenient and inexpensive way to increase your total storage space is to use stackable cabinet shelves. By incorporating additional shelving you can easily compact items that tend to take up a lot of space such as canned foods, peanut butter, pasta sauce, cups, or plateware, etc.


What if we told you there was a way to free up an entire spice-rackpantry shelf? Spices have to be one of the most space-consuming items in nearly every pantry, and since they’re only needed in small amounts they tend to be kept for a long period of time. A quick and simple way to solve this problem would be to install a spice gripper clip to the inside of your pantry door. With this, your spices are easily viewed and accessed and you can utilize the shelf space for other items!

pantry-organizationAnother way to make your pantry layout more efficient would be to utilize baskets, crates, or bins to group specific items. For example: label a basket as  “Snacks” and throw in things like small chip bags, crackers, and fruit snacks. You could also group together related items so everything you need for one meal is in the same place, like various types of pasta, tomato sauce, and canned goods.

Chalkboard stickers and tags are a great way to label your storage bins (pictured left). The tags and chalkboard markers can be found at just about any craft store and are very affordable! Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of an organized and efficient kitchen pantry!

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