What is staging a house? It’s simple, staging a house is getting it ready to sell in the real estate marketplace. Staging a house is an important step in the home selling process, you want the house to appeal to a larger group of potential buyers, not one specific taste. Staging doesn’t have to mean buying new things to add to your home, it could simply be just cleaning or hiding a few items.


Below are five tips that will get you started with the staging process!

1- Declutter areas of the house that are filled with clutter. By removing clutter it not only helps you when it’s time to move, but it also helps potential buyers envision how they would want the space to look.

2- Clean, Clean, Clean! Clean the kitchen, the bathroom, dust, vacuum… basically now is the time to do that deep cleaning that you have been putting off.

3- Remove most of the items from your kitchen counters. This allows you to showcase how much counter space is available.

4- Put away toothbrushes, other toiletry items that usually stay on bathroom counters and hide wastebaskets. Instead replace the items on the counter with a nice counter accent such as a dish of hand soap.

And finally,

5- Open up curtains and blinds so that some natural light can shine through!




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Stoney Marshall Associate Broker

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